Please check out this video to learn about my story, and the process and reason for the creation of I hope you enjoy my stories and can become just as passionate as I am about disability advocacy.

Behind the scenes of and making of this video

Location: Mapleview Farm, Hillsborough, NC

One Saturday, my friend Josh and I and a few friends that live in my dorm decided to go to Mapleview Farm, where they create the homemade ice cream from the milk they produce. The weather was just right, with the sun shining through the clouds, and the wind blowing. The scenery was so peaceful with just stretches of fields and small farm houses randomly scattered throughout the fields with dairy cows grazing the fields.

The place was just so perfect that I decided this was where I wanted to shoot my into video. Here are some pictures showing the behind the scenes footage and making of this video, as well as us enjoying the delicious ice cream they have to offer.

Photo Credits:

Joshua Lovett and Qianyu Lin