Rooted in Rights Blog Posts

During my first summer with Rooted in Rights, I had the opportunity to write a few blog posts related to disability history. These blogs areĀ geared towards educating children and from grades 8th – 12th grade, on disability history and how to be more aware of differences in disabilities. In addition, these blogs are for teachers as well so they can know the appropriate material to teach the students on how to be open-minded about these issues.

The topics I wrote about range from talking about the history of Little People, to PTSD, and controversial subjects such as surgeries to enhance the body. Share these articles too and share your comments about your opinions on these issues as well.

What it means to have a disability


The origin of the term “Little People”


The history and treatment of posttraumatic stress disorders


The pros and cons of using limb-lengthening surgeries to enhance the human body