Breaking Out – 2016 Disability Film Challenge Entry

In April 2016, I participated in my ever first Disability Film Challenge. The Disability Film Challenge was started in 2015 by Nic Novicki – who I later met at the Little People of America Conference in 2016 – and it gives people with disabilities a chance to act as people or whoever they want to be, rather than being portrayed as fantasy characters or creatures, or get a chance and work behind the scenes. Every year, the theme of the 3-5 minute film we have to make changes, and we only have three days to write, film, edit and produce the video. The 2016 theme was supposed to be a mystery, and my friend, Cara O’Malley, wrote, filmed and edited the film, while I acted in it. We unfortunately didn’t win but when I met Nic himself, he mentioned our videos made it to the finals!