#CrappyCurb Campaign

crappycurb-campaignmemeBack in October of 2015, Disability Rights Washington (DRW) filed a lawsuit against the city of Seattle in order for the city to fix inaccessible curb cuts or make new curb cuts where there should be one. Rooted in Rights, the communications team of DRW, came up with a video campaign to raise awareness about the importance of curb cuts in the city and how people with disabilities can fight and advocate to get more curb cuts in the their neighborhood and community. I was the spokesperson for this campaign, and the object was to describe what a “crappy” curb cut is. Our goal was to have people to share and submit photos and videos of their crappy curb cuts using the #crappycurb in their area to create awareness and raise heat of this issue to get local governments to actually start making the city more accessible.

In 2016, Rooted in Rights issued a #CrappyCurbWeek Campaign in November because the issue has still yet to be resolved. And keep in mind, the campaign to fix curb cuts is an ongoing campaign. Those who are reading this have the power to create major change in your community.

So, what can you do?

  1. Watch and share the below videos I’ve created with Rooted in Rights about crappy curbs.
  2. Follow the instructions on how to share your crappy curbs using the #crappycurbs.
  3. Follow Rooted in Rights on all of their social media platforms for more updates on getting involved in the disability rights movement and to share your crappy curbs.


#CrappyCurb Videos

Show Us Your #CrappyCurbs!

#CrappyCurb CampaignDid you know that inaccessible or missing curb cuts make it difficult for people with disabilities to access public spaces and can lead to people with disabilities getting in accidents on the street. Do you have a #CrappyCurb in your neighborhood? Watch this video to learn about the importance of curb cuts, and to learn how you can share, and post your own crappy curbs in order to get them fixed.

#CrappyCurbs are Everywhere!

#CrappyCurb Cuts are Everywhere!This is a follow up video to ensure we need more support for the #CrappyCurb Campaign.





#CrappyCurbWeek Promo

1-fullscreen-capture-11262016-125438-am It’s been over 26 years since the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), and still, we have inaccessible curb cuts. This video is to encourage people to keep fighting to get their crappy curbs fixed, how you can still be a part of the #CrappyCurb Campaign. Remember, never give up hope…we can get these curb cuts fixed.